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World Burnouts

Welcome To World Burnouts

Posted On: 10th Feb 2010 By: Colorado Dave

Welcome to World Burnouts. These events are direct from Australia where we help to stage the worlds most extreme burnout action. Contact us if you would like to attend or even participate in the largest event of its kind, The Summernats held annually in Canberra Australia, Thanks for checking us out. worldburnouts@yahoo.com

For the past few years I have been fortunate enough to help manage the largest horsepower party on the planet. The Summernats Canberra Australia. This year we set a world record with a simultaneous 69 car burnout.In the states we know very little of this car culture and we have never competed in the burnout arena. My good friend Adam with Kaos media pokes fun at us americans on Youtube when we try to do a burnout (American V Australian Burnouts Videos - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 ).We are behind, however we do not the ability but rather lack the knowledge.

Australian burnout Master Leroy Rees has brought over his special built burnout car Big V8 to challenge any Americans who would like to compete. .Its time we get involved and show these Ausies that we have the balls.

We would like everyone to see what we see and become involved either as a spectoter or entrant in future events. please check us out.


Colorado Dave

Welcome to World Burnouts

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